March 27, 2013

A periodic listing of general definitions of commonly used legal terms (not intended as legal advice but useful to better understand frequently used legal phrases) Appellee: The party against whom an appeal is taken.

Susan McCarthy Hosts Ventura County Trial Lawyers Association Judge’s Night

March 26, 2013

The Ventura County Trial Lawyers Association is hosting its annual Judge’s Night tonight led by A to Z Law attorney Susan McCarthy, this year’s President. Ms. McCarthy says that she expects 150 trial lawyers, judges and court staff to attend. The evening will feature presentation of the Trial Judge of the Year award and presentation […]


March 13, 2013

The party appealing a decision or judgment to a higher court.

Financing the sale of your business can be a gamble: by Melissa Sayer

March 5, 2013

Most business owners reach a point when they are ready to retire or explore new challenges, but find that much of their net worth is tied up in their existing business. Selling the business might be the obvious answer, but at what cost? Owner financing is a common alternative to a traditional cash sale. Rather […]